How to sell your act
Show's over folks!

How to Sell Your Act is officially closed. The blog is shut down and the eBook is no longer for sale. I have decided to move on to new projects and it was time to shut down this site and focus my energies in other areas.

If you bought by book you can still contact me using the contact information within the eBook. Feel free to hit me up with any questions you have about selling your act and getting more gigs as a freelance performer.

(Money back guarantees still stand for sixty days after the day you purchased the book).

If you are looking to find some fire entertainers for your event, party or wedding please check out Juggling Inferno Fire Jugglers and Fire shows website here… You can find their promo fire shows video here… And you can find their booking agents here

Or check out the Juggling Inferno Fire Performance team rocking some live fire shows on the video below.

If you bought my book THANK YOU, I hope it helps!

Good luck with your careers and happy performing..!

Have a good one!

Tim Marston


PS – Never, ever forget people ALWAYS read PS's

PPS – Told you so..! ;-)

Juggling Inferno are based in the UK but perform worldwide. We offer high quality choreographed fire shows at corporate events, private parties, sporting functions, weddings and street theatre festivals.

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